Monitoring - Dear colleague,

After logging in to the PeopleXD portal ( users may have noticed a banner detailing a PeopleXD mobile application for IOS and Android.

Please note: this application is not currently supported by University IT or by HR and does not authenticate/validate any user, meaning you cannot log in to access its features.

We would ask anyone who has installed it to remove it from their device.

We have reported this issue to the supplier and have requested they remove the banner until a working version is released, at which time we will make a further announcement.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

You can continue accessing the service via on any browser.

Your IT Service Management team
Jul 22, 16:19 BST
Communication & Collaboration ? Operational
Email and Collaboration Services ? Operational
Telephony ? Operational
Corporate Communication Systems ? Operational
Media and A/V ? Operational
Web Services ? Operational
Polling and Surveys ? Operational
Student Mobile App ? Operational
Educational Services ? Operational
Assessment Systems and Learning Analytics ? Operational
Academic Technology and Support ? Operational
E-Portfolio Management ? Operational
Instructional Technology and Design ? Operational
Virtual Learning Environment ? Operational
Lecture Capture ? Operational
IT Training & Enablement ? Operational
End-User Computing ? Operational
Desktop and Mobile Device Managed Services ? Operational
Off Campus Access ? Operational
Hardware Procurement and Disposal ? Operational
Printing and Related Services ? Operational
Software Procurement and Licensing ? Operational
Help, Support and Consultancy ? Operational
IT Service Desk and Support ? Operational
IT Consultancy ? Operational
Infrastructure ? Operational
Data Centres Service ? Operational
Database as a Service ? Operational
Integration Service ? Operational
Monitoring Service ? Operational
Server and Storage Service ? Operational
Network & Information Security ? Operational
Network and Connectivity Service ? Operational
Identity and Access Management ? Operational
Research Services ? Operational
Research Administration System ? Operational
Research Specific Computing & Applications ? Operational
Research Data and Publications Services ? Operational
Professional Services ? Operational
Alumni and Advancement ? Operational
Business Capability and Process Automation ? Operational
Estates and Facilities Management ? Operational
Faculty Information System ? Operational
Financial and Procurement System ? Operational
Human Resource System ? Operational
Library System ? Operational
Data, Reporting and Analytics ? Operational
Student Information System ? Operational
Portfolio and Project Management ? Operational
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Scheduled Maintenance
What is being done?
ARCCA are undertaking planned maintenance on the Hawk supercomputer and supporting infrastructure.

When is this being done?
This will next take place on Wednesday 4 August. This maintenance day is scheduled regularly for the first Wednesday of every month. This is to ensure maximum awareness and allow our service users to plan ahead.

Who will be affected?
All users of the ARCCA Hawk University supercomputing service and supporting infrastructure.

How will this affect users?
Hawk and supporting infrastructure will be at risk and so we advise users to save their work regularly on this day.

Why is this being done?
Hawk maintenance occurs as required on the first Wednesday of each month. This can be either be as a “Maintenance Outage” period or an “At Risk” period. This is to allow us to perform security patches, system upgrades, equipment replacements and other essential work.

Christopher Dickson - Service Manager
Posted on Jul 21, 13:14 BST
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Jul 23, 2021
Resolved - The issue that was affecting the Central Filestore service (Home & Shared drive), which also affected the Follow-me printing service, has been resolved and the services are restored.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Jul 23, 10:22 BST
Update - Dear colleague

The issue affecting the Central Filestore service (Home & Shared drive) is also affecting the Follow-me printing service.
The resolver teams are continuing to investigate the issue.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Jul 23, 10:14 BST
Investigating - Dear colleague

We have been made aware of an issue affecting the Central Filestore service (Home and Shared Drives), and the resolver teams are currently urgently looking into the issue.
We will keep you informed of developments, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Jul 23, 09:47 BST
Jul 22, 2021

Unresolved incident: PeopleXD mobile app (formerly CoreHR mobile app).

Jul 21, 2021

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Jul 20, 2021

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Jul 19, 2021

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