Hawk (University Supercomputer Service) Planned Maintenance on Wednesday 1 December
Scheduled for Dec 1, 08:00 GMT  -  Dec 2, 00:00 GMT
What is being done?
ARCCA are undertaking planned maintenance on the Hawk supercomputer and supporting infrastructure.

When is this being done?
This will next take place on Wednesday 1 December. This maintenance day is scheduled regularly for the first Wednesday of every month. This is to ensure maximum awareness and allow our service users to plan ahead.

Who will be affected?
All users of the ARCCA Hawk University supercomputing service and supporting infrastructure.

How will this affect users?
Hawk and supporting infrastructure will be at risk and so we advise users to save their work regularly on this day.

Why is this being done?
Hawk maintenance occurs as required on the first Wednesday of each month. This can be either be as a “Maintenance Outage” period or an “At Risk” period. This is to allow us to perform security patches, system upgrades, equipment replacements and other essential work.

Christopher Dickson - Service Manager
Posted Nov 19, 2021 - 15:49 GMT
This scheduled maintenance affects: Research (ARCCA Processing and Analysis (Hawk)).